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Gubyaukgyi Myinkaba Temple

This Mon-style Gubyaukgyi Myinkaba temple was built by Prince Rajakumar, the only son of a famous Bagan monarch, Kyansitta, in 1113.

It was not in fact until the king was in old age that he came to know of Rajakumar's existence. The boy's mother had left the court while pregnant. She had been given a valuable ring by the king on the understanding that, if the baby was a boy, she should return to the court with her son and the ring, but if the baby was a girl, she should sell the ring.

Many years later Rajakumar returned with the ring. His father's delight at the discovery of a son was tempered by the awkward fact that he had meanwhile promised the throne to his daughter's son, Alaungsithu. Instead, the king gave Rajakumar some land. Rajakumar was a pious man and , on his father's death, he sold the land and built the temple. The inner sanctum is decorated with frescoes, which have been restored. Under each painting is an account, in ancient Mon script, of the tale it depicts.



Nearby the temple, the Myanmar Rosetta Stone, also known as Myazedi inscriptions, can be observed in close range.