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Pahtothamya Temple

Pahtothamya temple, to the west of Thatbyinnyu and Nathlaung Kyaung, is thought to date from the 10th century, although it is attributed to King Kyansittha (1084-1113). It has a square main block and a rectangular vaulted hall on the east. The hall has three doorways with elegant pediments on the arches while each side of the main block has five perforated windows. The sanctuary is lit by skylights through shrines on the terraces above.

In the corridor walls are niches enshrining stone Buddhas. The paintings of the jakata tales (stories from the Buddha's previous incarnations) on the walls of the sanctuary have Mon captions below them. The temple is often locked to protect the murals and inscriptions. Above, there are three terraces; the bulbous dome has 12 vertical ribs and on top is the harmika- the casket containing the holy relics - and a 12 sided tapering finial.