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Bagan Pitakattaik

The Pitakattaik, or library, is just off the main road, west of Tharaba Gate. It is said to have been built to house the 32 elephants- loads of scriptures brought by King Anawrahta from Thaton in 1057. It is 15m square and 18m high; with three entrances on the east side - two of which are now blocked up - and window on the other sides. It is built like a temple, with a central cell, and is surrounded by a processional corridor.

From this library it is possible to get an idea of what some of the other secular buildings must have looked like, although the Pitakattaik was altered by King Bodawpaya in 1783, who added finals to the corners of the five multiple roofs and plaster carvings above the entrances. Many of the monasteries of Bagan would have had similar libraries attached to them.