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Upali Thein

Upali Thein, close the Htilominlo Temple, on the other side of the road, is a good example of a sima or ordination hall. It is thought to have been founded in the mid-13th century and named after the monk, Upali. It is rectangular with a vaulted hall and an image of the Buddha at the west end. Its design is said to resemble many of Bagan's former wooden buildings. The low parapets, arch pediments and interior paintings date from the 18th century. Unlike the early panelled paintings, these are vivid murals-large and continous, showing the renunciation of the world by past Buddhas and depicting the consecration of the hall by the king. It is closed to visitors, but special permission to visit it can be obtained from the Department of Archaeology (next to the Bagan museum).