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Wekkyi-in Gubyaukgyi Temple

This early 13th century temple, near Wetkyi-in village, displays strong Indian influence. Its spire is not the usual cicada shape but straight-sided and tapered like that of the Maha Bodhi Pagoda in Bagan village.

The Gubyaukgyi Temple was restored in 1468. Inside are the remains of tempera wall paintings, including a charming one of Gautama Buddha during his incarnation as a hermit walking with his mother, as well as a frieze of the 28 Buddhas ( 24 are from previous cosmic worlds, while the last four are from the present world cycle, Gautama being the 28th Buddha). Each one sits under a different tree, for each enlightenment took place under a different species.

This temple should not be confused with the Gubyaukgyi Temple near Myinkaba village.