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Ancient Pyu Burial Site In Sri Khettara Open To Public

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Newly discovered ancient Pyu burial site in Sri Khettara nearby Pyay is now open to scholars, domestic travelers and foreign tourists as well.

For the first time in Sri Kettara Pyu city, the burial site was unearthed last September along with hundreds of pots of human ash. The findings also include two stairways and a water well inside the building; the upper floor was made of brick and signs of frequent burns over the mud covering of the floor. Their usage of the well in a burial site is still a mystery and needs further research by scholars.

It is customary for Pyu people to store ash remains of the dead in pots. Hundreds of pots of ash are usually found together in the ancient Pyu cities such as Hanlin, Bithano (Vishnu) and Tagaung.


Although the Pyu people are nominally extinct as a race, they probably had mixed up with other groups such as Mranma (Burmese), Thet, Kanyan, Shan and Mon. As of today all these people who settle down in the central plain of the country speak the same language – Burmese.

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