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Travel To Naypyidaw Possible In 2012

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In 2012, foreign visitors could have a chance to see the forbidden city, Naypyidaw, which was built a couple of years ago to be an administrative capital in place of Yangon.

A government official said sooner or later the authorities will allow tourists to visit the city, and added that it could happen next year.

Currently, there is no permit for tourists to visit Naypyidaw but oversea business travelers can go around the city after doing their business activities. They usually arrive with a business visa but no special travel permit is not allowed at the moment.

Being a member of AFTA in 2014, host of SEA Games in 2013 and chairman of Asean in 2015, Naypyidaw will witness several conferences, a flow of foreign dignitaries and thousands of international travelers and so forth.

In Naypyidaw hotel zone, there are 24 hotels and 1,600 rooms at present. As a centrally located town in Myanmar and close to major tourist destinations such as Bagan, Mandalay and Inlay, Naypyidaw could become a tourist hub in near future.

(Source: Myanmar Post News Journal)