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Rakhine - Arakan

Rakhine dance

Separated by the long range of Rakhine Yoma from Myanmar proper and by the river Naaf from Bangladesh, Rakhine State is a narrow strip of coastal region intersected with the flows of rivers, valleys and blue mountain ranges.

The Rakhine coast, though generally rocky, has some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia, such as Ngapali beach, which is close to Thandwe (Sandoway).

Tribes in Rakhine

Apart from the Rakhines (Rakhinethas), there are Chins, who occupy the hill areas of Mrebon, Ramree, Ann and Taungoke townships. Many hill tribes interspersed with the Rakhines in the region are Daingnet, Mro (Mru), Khumi, Thet (also known as Chakma in Bangladesh), and a sizable number of Bengalis.

Thet (Chakma)
Mro (Mru)

Rakhine Culture

For those who cling to whatever is ancient, Rakhine state offers some of the richest archaeological sites in Myanmar. While Bagan is considered the City of Pagodas and Temples, Mrauk U can be viewed as the Fortress City. Buddhist traditions are the most important in the formation of Rakhine's culture, as indeed, is the case in the rest of Myanmar.

Rakhine Culture Photo Gallery

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