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Andawthein - Mrauk U

Close to the northwest corner of the Shitthaung temple is the Andaw "Tooth" shrine, Andawthein, built by Sajata, who reigned between 1515 and 1521. It was restored between 1534 and 1542 by Meng Phalaung and again in 1596 by Meng Razagri to house a tooth relic of the Buddha reputedly brought from Sri Lanka. Although additions and restorations have been carried out until today, it is impossible to discern the original form, an octagonal central shrine temple with two concentric octangular ambulatory passages around a solid core. Sixteen smaller shrines, each containing a Buddha image, are placed around the northwest and southwest corners. A large prayer hall has been added in front of the eastern entrance.

The Buddha images, now gilded and painted may not be original. They wear robes tied over the chest, probably based on the garments of a particular sect. Local tradition, however, has it that Gotama tied his robes in this fashion to facilitate his flying through the air to reach Selagiri on the occasion of the conversion of King Candasuriya.

Garuda - inside Andawthein
Interior of Andawthein

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