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Sittwe - Rakhine (Arakan)

Sittwe stands on a small island at the end of a spit of land jutting into the Bay of Bengal. It was originally built by the British after the annexation of Arakan in 1826 and has several building dating from that period.

Sakkramuni Image

Sakkramuni Image is housed in a special chamber, "Maha Wayan Sasana Beikman" in the precincts of Lawkar Nandar Pagoda in Sittwe. At the back of the image are inscribed with "Era 520, Donation of King Thuriya Kula" and on the pedastal, inscribed with "Yedhamma" stanza in Brahmi scripts.

The height of the image of bronze is 18 inches. The peculiar characteristics of the image are that small Buddha images strangely attached to all parts of the body in original casting.

The image was discovered in June, 2000 by a fisherman on casting his fishing-net in a creek of a village in Mrauk U, and the fisherman doanted it to the presiding monk of Sandamuni monastery in Mrauk U for public worship.

Rakhine Cultural Museum

Rakhien Traditional Wedding inside the Museum
rakhine wedding in cultural museum

The Rakhine Cultural Museum, three-storeyed building is located on the Main Road, Kyaypungri Ward in Sittwe. It is the place where cultural heritage of Rakhine people among which are literature, reliefs depicting national costumes, hair styles and cultural pieces representing different aspects of a race and artefacts of cultural value are collectively exhibited in their originality. On the third storey is housed a library.

Buddhology Museum

The Buddhology Museum was built on the road close to the lane leading to the Sittwe airport. In the museum are exhibited the casted images of Vesali, Lemro and Mrauk U periods, relics, palm-leaf manuscripts, ancient coins and currency notes. Also shown are Maha-Kyan Buddha Image (some say it is of the Buddha Image worshipped by successive Rakhine kings) casted with the precious metals left over after casting of the Mahamuni Image.

Scripts from the book - Famous Monuments of Mrauk U by Myar Aung (translated by Ah Lonn Maung)

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