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Laungpanprauk Pagoda - Mrauk U

The Laungpanprauk ("Coloured Tile") pagoda, about half kilometer east of the Mahabodhi Shwegu has been attributed to both Meng Saw Oo in 1525 and to Thirithudhamma in 1625, but many have been restored by the latter, as stylistically it would appear to belong to the late phase of Mrauk U architecture. It is set within a square wall of stone blocks, decorated blatantly with opaque glazed tiles forming flowers patterns with petals in red, yellow, blue and green and a white center, sixty in all. The court this wall encloses was also covered with glazed tiles, with blue and green designs over a white background.

The stupa itself is solid and octagonal in plan, rising in receding tiers. On the eight faces of the first tier were highly ornamented niches, some of which still exist, each originally containing an image of the Buddha. The outer surface of each niche is sculpted, in the manner of stucco-work of the later Bagan and medieval Mon periods, with ornate cornices and flame-like pediments. The uppermost motif on the pediment, while reminiscent of a naga (serpent) is said locally to represent a peacock's chest.

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